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We are a community of passionate individuals who love creating and performing with puppets.  Our group is made up of both experienced puppeteers and beginners, and we welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about this art form.  We often participate in local parades and community events, where we showcase our unique and captivating puppets.  


In addition to our passion for puppetry, our group also includes artists and creatives from a wide range of other fields.  ​Some of us are experienced sewers, painters, sculptors, and illustrators, and we enjoy using these skills to create unique and eye-catching puppets, props and costumes  We also have members who are experienced in lighting, rigging, and set design, and we work together to create immersive and captivating performances.  We are always striving to push the boundaries of what is possible with puppetry, and we are excited to share our creations with the community.  

Overall, our group is a diverse and talented group of individuals who are dedicated to creating and sharing unique and engaging art with the world.  

Blue Bear Puppet Lab has been active in Ellensburg and continually growing since 2012. Every year it engages with local schools, businesses, organizations and community members to build events that include the Buskers in the Burg Puppet Parade, Halloween Haunt, and performances at Gallery One.  We've worked with Central Washington University, Kittitas County Chamber events, and Ellensburg High School. Workshops for these events are open to all community members and we maintain a “here hold this” philosophy to make it easy for anyone to step in regardless of skill level.

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