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This is it. Final days of moving from our clubhouse.

We have done an incredible amount of work over the past two weeks. Decisions on what to keep and what to toss: asking "will it fit into storage?" and if not, "who's house does it go to for storage?"

So much had to be taken apart, recycled or just plain put in the trash. I have channelled my grief into making many short videos of what I care about Blue Bear Puppet Lab and the puppets we create.

You will be seeing these videos both on our video page and in the blog. Mermadonna gets her own video.

Thanks to all the board members and volunteers that made this move possible. Shout out to Central Storage for having a large unit available for us.

Our storage space can have more shelves put in and we have plans for organizing our new, smaller space to bring our most often used puppets to the front so we can have better access to them. I LOVE heads on a high shelf.

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