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We got packin' and the heads are in the box.

March 12,2022

We had quite a turn-out for today's fun. There were some large boxes that fit heads with their bodies: at last the bears each have their own box that head, feet and body all fit into. One box was big enough for 10 heads.

Katie was a dynamo for policing the trash. First on the list was...

Corn gave up easily to Ian and Katie's efforts to crush it. Good-bye old Corn. Even in the midst of hard work there was time to play. A new/old face came in to play before it left with Corn. At least I thought it left with corn.⤵️

Ian and Katie road the trikes to my Mom's house on Walnut. They took the second trip with the bike and trike in Katie's car. No walking back to the lab this time! We made good use of the cardboard barrels Better Life Natural Foods donated a few years ago. It is amazing how much will fit in one of those: a cat head, a cat body, cat feet and paws, and a bag of wigs. Maybe we should have put the yarn in there instead.

We have put all the puppets we will be using in the next few months in a separate pile. No place to go does not mean we have no place to play. Invitations for us to perform at events have increased this year. There are even paid gigs. Stay tuned.

Saturday the 19th is our next packing day. It will be time to finish the sewing and craft room packing. GF

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