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Blue Bear Puppet Lab is looking for volunteers to help us with our existing projects and events. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks, including designing photo opportunities, organizing materials, giving tours, and managing our social media presence. This is a great way to gain experience in the arts and community engagement, while also contributing to the success of our organization. Even if you only have an hour to spare, you can make a difference by assisting a collaborator with a small task or creating an element that will be used in a float. Our volunteers are an essential part of our team, and many of them go on to become key members of our organizational team. We welcome volunteers of all skill levels and actively teach all the techniques we use in puppet making to anyone who wants to learn. Our community-centered, collaborative environment is all about creativity and teamwork, so everyone from beginners to experienced performers is welcome.



  • "Here-hold-this'er" (helping wherever needed in the workshop)

  • Puppet Wrangler (assisting puppeteers during practice and performances)

  • Laboratory Assistant (give tours, keep the lab clean and organized, help artists as needed)

  • Collaborator (designing, creating, and repairing puppets as part of a team)

  • Puppeteer (performing and promoting puppets and the Puppet Lab)

  • Admin Assist (working with the Executive Director on various projects)

  • Book Keeper (keeping the books for the organization)

  • Board Member (joining the governing body and helping with the running of the Puppet Lab)

Some possible regular positions for volunteers include:

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